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The snowmen are coming for their revenge this holiday season. Can you stop them?

This is a work-in-progress made for Godot Wild Jam 4. It takes a lot of inspiration from various games.


Your goal is to become powerful enough to defeat the snowman menace once and for all. You receive GP from defeating snowmen, which you can spend on healing and powerups in the shops. STR increases your attack damage, DEX increases your movement speed, and CON reduces the damage you take.

Most snowmen you encounter initially will not become hostile unless provoked. However, the farther you move from the start of the game (Area 0), the more powerful and aggressive the snowmen will become. You may be able to use friendly fire to your advantage to defeat them.

When you run out of HP, you will respawn at the last shop you entered. You keep your powerups, but you lose your gold. If you play on hardcore mode, there is no respawning. Beware!

Default controls are:

  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Z - Jump
  • X - Attack
  • Enter/Space - Confirm in menus
  • ESC - Pause

You can reconfigure most of the controls in settings.


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Version 1
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Version 1
Windows 32-Bit 15 MB
Version 1
MacOS 13 MB
Version 1

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