Godot Wild Jam #6 Entry. Theme: Out of place cactus.

Cactris is a falling block puzzle game with colored cacti that grow out of control. Match the colors to clear the cacti and score points, but don't let them grow too large so that you run out of space.

Scoring is similar to the games Columns, Puyo Puyo, Puzzle fighter, etc. Higher points can be earned by making combos and building longer chains. 


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GNU/Linux 64-Bit 10 MB
Version 4
macOS 15 MB
Version 1
Windows 64-Bit 13 MB
Version 4
Windows 32-Bit 12 MB
Version 3


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I like it, I was browsing the HTML5 games and saw this and had to try it, I like this concept. Keep up the good work